• How to Play the Piano

    8 Lessonsin ,

    5 учеников проходит этот курс

    This introductory course will teach you the basics of playing the piano, starting with chords and rhythm, before moving on to playing full songs.

  • How to play the guitar

    7 Lessonsin

    6 учеников проходит этот курс

    A collection of introductory videos for learning how to play the guitar and become a rockstar.

  • Sensei Theming 101

    1 Lessonsin , ,

    0 учеников проходит этот курс

    An introduction to theming with Sensei. Learn how to integrate your themes with Sensei and extend the templating system.

  • Create an Online Course

    4 Lessonsin ,

    2 ученика проходит этот курс

    Learn how to create an Online Course with Sensei.